Zettelkasten (slip box or file card system) - according to Niklas Luhmann. For Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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Zettelkasten according to Luhmann - for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

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Welcome to the homepage of the Zettelkasten (slip box, file card system) for your computer. This program is based on the working principle of Niklas Luhmann's famous Zettelkasten.

Tools for writing (scientific) papers

With the Zettelkasten, you can manage your daily work with (scientific) papers or texts much more easily and effectively. Both the storing and filing of important articles, excerpts and quotes as well as the subsequent use of this collection of texts in order to prepare and write papers are considerably simplified by the Zettelkasten.

Free, cross platform and open source

The program is free both for private and professional purposes and runs on Windows, Mac OS X as well as various Linux operating systems. Please refer imprint for further licence information.

Further information

Here you find more information on the programm features. The documentation can be found here.